Simtronic enters agreement to purchase Inticon


Inticon has been successfully offering web hosting, colocation, dedicated server and voice over IP services to clients for 10+ years. The business has grown and thrived thanks to the ongoing support of its long-term customer base.

Today, we would like to announce that Inticon will soon become part of Simtronic! All existing products & services will be migrated over to the Simtronic Technologies network and brand.

Simtronic is a trusted, Australian based Internet Service provider located in Sydney. Simtronic offers many services which may complement your existing Inticon hosting, some of these are:

  • Hosted Voice over IP (Extension’s, PBX’s and SIP Trunking)
  • Co-location
  • Broadband NBN & ADSL
  • Business Wireless and Fibre Ethernet
  • Managed Private Networks
  • And more….

What does this mean for you? Not a lot! Our teams have been working hard in the background over the past several weeks to integrate the two companies, there will be no need for you to make any changes at this stage.  Some changes may be required in the future but Simtronic will work closely with any impacted customers to facilitate any changes down the track. We will be transitioning all billing, sales and support for your existing Inticon services over to Simtronic effective September 15th 2018.

The only major change will be in the way that the billing is handled. Simtronic Technologies run on a 1st of the month billing cycle whereas Inticon runs on an anniversary billing cycle. This means that at some stage over the next few months you will see a pro-rata charge to align your billing cycle to the 1st of the month..

Inticon will cease billing for all services on September 14th and all invoices and credit card charges past this date will be to Simtronic. Please ensure that any EFT payments made after the 15th of September are paid per the payment instructions show on your Simtronic invoice..

During September, Simtronic will send a few emails to introduce ourselves and also provide logins to our portals. Please keep an eye out for these and reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Simtronic Technologies